Please read this before ordering : Our paper products (test manual and test booklets) are available as self-printing materials in our ITR system in English, Spanish and Dutch at no extra charge. You might want to consider investigating this option before ordering paper products. We discourage using our paper products given the high environmental impact of printing, paper and shipping.

When ordering please allow at least 2 weeks for delivery, the customs process may take up to 6 (!) months for packages. On orders below $100 we charge a $50 service fee. Non priority shipping is included in the price for orders above us$399. Please review our terms and conditions before ordering. If you are located in the UK or in a Euro country please order in your own currency. We use a 1:1 conversion rate between €/us$/£ (euro, us dollars, british pounds).

Order by e-mail
With us you can conveniently order by e-mail. Sent us an e-mail with your company name, address and your name & function plus the products you want. We will then send you an invoice using PayPal. After we have received payment we will ship your order within 2 weeks. The invoice will be sent with your order. Send your e-mail to Please note that we do not accept cheques as form of payment.

Satisfaction guarantee
If you are not satisfied with our products just send them back within 14 days! Please contact before sending back your products to make sure that we know who sends it and we can correct your invoice.

Product list

CodeDescriptionPrice in €/us$/£ <> Price in the ITR
EPPS.01EPPS Manual99,95Free as self printing PDF
EPPS.02EPPS Test booklet (candidate manual)29,95Free as self printing PDF
EPPS.11EPPS Candidate form (pack of 50)499,95425
EPPS-S.02EPPS-S Test Booklet (version without sexuality scale)29,95Free as self printing PDF
EPPS-S.11EPPS-S Candidate form (pack of 50)499,95425