The Edwards Personality Inventory, revised edition, consists of 44 questions groups (with 10 simple sub items each) and provides scores on 18 personality scales. Because scale names can easily mean different things to different people, abstract trait names such as ego-strength, rigidity and extraversion have been avoided. Instead, an attempt has been made to assign names to the scales that imply nothing more than a summary of the content of the items in the scales. The EPI:R can be used for personal counselling, recruitment for specific function profiles, research and many other purpose. The EPI:R was extensively revised in 1990. In 2006 the EPI:R has been modernised. The EPI:R consist of 18 sub tests where each sub test represents one scale. You can choose which of the 18 sub tests you will offer to your candidate.


Those who know me well would say that I:
App (Approval): Am anxious to please others.
Anx (Anxiety): Become anxious if I believe my performance is to be compared with others.
Sen (Sensitive): Am sensitive and easily hurt by others.
Sym (Sympathy): Will tell my troubles to anyone who is willing to listen.
Avd (Avoidance): Try to avoid trouble of any kind.
Inf (Influenced): Permit others to push me around.
Cpv (Cooperative): Enjoy working on a project with a group.
Cmp (Competitive): Try my best to win in any game I play.
Art (Articulate): Can say what I want to say without fumbling around for the right word.
Res (Responsibility): Am not afraid of responsibility.
Frd (Friendly): Have never had any difficulty in making friends.
Nsi (Negative self image): Have relatively little confidence in myself.
Blt (Blunt): Say things that irritate others.
Hlp (Helpful): Do many things to help others.
Con (Considerate): Am tolerant of those who disagree with me.
Dep (Dependent): Am very dependent on others for solutions to my problems.
Shy (Shy): Am easily embarrassed in social situations.
Vir (Virtuous): Have never been unkind to another person.

An example of an EPI:R item
Those who know me well would say that I :
Like others to make a fuss over me when I am sick.

The answer options that can be selected are True or False

Characteristics of the EPI:R

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