Report illegal use of our tests
It is in the interest of the global test using community that tests are regularly revalidated. This is however a costly operation. To ensure that there are sufficient funds so that our tests can be properly maintained we ask for your support. If you know of an organisation that is using our tests but are not paying for their use please report them to us at We guarantee that you will remain anonymous.

We reward you !
If the organisation you report is indeed using our tests illegally and we are able to make them pay for their illegal use you will receive 10% of the net profit of this deal with a maximum amount of 5.000 euro.

When can you report an organisation to us?
The organisation has to be in Europe or the copyright violation must take place in Europe. There must be some form of proof that they are indeed using the test illegally. In general this does not need to be much, but the more proof the better chance that we will be able to prosecute the copyright violator.

Please note : due to European privacy laws we cannot give you legal, financial or other details about a case.